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Located in the Ripley County Annex Building


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Amy Copeland, Auditor


Danielle McGee

Property Tax, Exemptions, & Deeds


Pamela Franklin

Payroll & New Employees


Dawn Jordan

Claims, Receipts, & Budgets


All property taxes must be paid up to date before a property can be transferred


(all items must be completed or the deed will not be accepted)

  • Parcel # or Tax ID # or State Key

  • Full legal description of property being transferred

  • Prior deed reference

  • Tax billing address

You will take the Deed and Sales Disclosure (if needed) to the Assessor's office.  They will check all information and stamp it.  You will then take it to the Auditor's office to transfer the property.  Last you will take it to the Recorder's office to be recorded.


There is a $10 transfer fee per deed payable to the Ripley County Auditor.




A Sales Disclosure must accompany the Deed if

  • Money is involved

  • Compulsory Transaction (foreclosure, divorce, court order, judgment, condemnation, or probate)

  • Documents involving the partition of land between tenants in common, joint tenants, or tenants by the entirety

  • Transfer to a charity, not-for-profit organization, or government

  • Easements or right-of-way grants

Print a Sales Disclosure Form

A Disclosure fee of $20 is required if box number one is checked yes

If you checked yes on any number 1-11 you need this form and fee

If you checked yes on any number 12-15 you need this form and no fee

If you didn't check yes on any number no form is needed just a $10 transfer fee

You may be eligible for one or more of the following Property Tax Deductions.  For more information contact the Ripley County Auditor's Office

or visit DLGF: Property Tax Deductions

Click on the name of the form you want to print and take it to the office.

Blind or Disabled Person's Deduction from Assessed Valuation

Senior Citizen Property Tax Benefits

Disabled Veterans, WWI Veterans and Surviving Spouses of Certain Veterans

Homestead Property Tax Standard/Supplemental Deduction

Deduction of Assessed Valuation (Attributed to Solar Energy System/Wind, Geothermal or Hydroelectric Power Device)

Mortgage or Contract Indebtedness for Deduction

Other services available in our office:

Veterans BMV forms

Commissioner and Council Records

County Resolutions and Ordinances

Subdivision survey $10     Plat books $25



 137B form

Maximum 137B charges are: 

$275- Attorney's fees and cost of giving notice under IC 6-1.1-25-4.5
$175- Costs of Title Search or of examining and updating the abstract of title for the Real Property
A receipt of these charges must be attached to the 137B
A 137B can not be filed with the Auditor's Office until 30 days after the tax sale which was 10-31-14.
Tax Sale Redemption amounts can be given by calling our office.

Property Tax Calculation

As of 5-12-15 the Auditor’s Office will no longer be calculating tax amounts for split parcels. If you need this figured you may use the following website for the DLGF Tax Bill Calculator.



Please remember that these figures are an estimate only and should not be taken as a statement of true tax liability.

To figure your bill you will need the property values which can be obtained from the Assessor’s office. You will also need to know the deductions that will be or are on the tax bill for the current tax year.

Any bill that is figured that currently has a homestead will be a little off because Ripley County has a CEDIT Homestead rate which lowers the tax liability of homestead property owners.  An estimate of this amount can be calculated by taking the amount of Net Annual Tax Bill Estimated times the CEDIT Homestead Rate.   The 2014 payable 2015 CEDIT Homestead Rate is 12.5389.

Please remember the calculations you figure need to come back to the amount that the parent parcel was billed for.

This can also be used to estimate the amount on a building or acreage that you would like to know the tax amount on.  You will just need the same information as above.

Gateway An Open Door into Local Government Finance

Gateway collects and provides access to information about how taxes and other public dollars are budgeted and spent by Indiana's local units of government.


Budget Information (This includes all local governmental units)  

When on this page enter the county and search this will bring up all the units in your county. This shows budget information for each unit if you click on a specific unit it will bring up where you can look at their information they have entered into Gateway.



Ripley County Code of Ordinances