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The purpose of this map is to display the geographic location of a variety of data sources frequently updated from local government and other agencies. Neither WTH Technology nor the agencies providing this data make any warranty concerning its accuracy or merchantability. And no part of it should be used as a legal description or document. The Ripley County Surveyor’s office works daily to improve the GIS information. If there is an error or any questions concerning the information provided, please call. We are here to help.

Our number is 812-689-0504

Jeffrey P. French

Ripley County Surveyor



Sometimes the “State 18 digit number” is required on certain documents. The State’s Numbering System is a method of assigning numbers to particular areas of land, such as: the number 69 represents Ripley County. The State’s number can be found by combining the seven consecutive rows starting with, and including "(Co)" of the information box. This would be written :

(Co) – (Area) – (Sec)- (Block)-(Parcel)-(Split)-(Dist)



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