Paying a bond:

If you are paying a bond for someone who has been arrested in Ripley County, you will need to contact the jail to obtain the correct bond amount. 

During courthouse business hours, which are Monday- Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, excluding government holidays, you must pay the bond at the Clerk’s office.  Bonds can be paid with a money order or cashier’s check.

After the courthouse has closed, you may pay the bond at the jail. Bonds at the jail can be paid with a postal money order (other money orders are not accepted) or cashiers check from a local bank. 

Inmates can also be bonded out thru Govpay but there is a service fee. Govpay 888-604-7888



Send inmate mail to:

Inmates Name

210 N. Monroe Street

Versailles, IN  47042


Use this link    to put money on an inmates account.


Ripley County Visitation for Inmates:


Visitations are by appointment only!  The inmate must sign up for visitation.  If you are not signed up by the inmate, you will not be permitted to enter for visitation.  Family or friends are not permitted to set up visitations.   


It is the responsibility of the inmate to contact his/her visitors.  Jail officers are not authorized to set up visitation.  They will not set up a visitation for any inmates or inform any visitors of visitation times.   


Visitors will need to have a photo ID to enter.  Those who are on probation, parole, or have pending charges will not be permitted to visit.


Visits will be ˝ hour, inmates are allowed 1 visitor for the entire ˝ hour or 2 visitors for 15 minutes each.


Cell phone use is prohibited


Ripley County Jail Dress Code for Visitors:

Shorts no more that 5” from the knee

No tank tops or tube tops

No altered clothing with removed sleeves or split collars

No see through or provocative clothing

No bathing suits of any type

Dress code will be strictly enforced and visitors will be turned away if any of theses codes are violated!



Sunday    11:00 am – 9:55 pm

Tuesday     3:00 pm – 9:55 pm

Thursday    3:00 pm – 9:55 pm


Clergy Visits:

Clergy are permitted to visit inmates during special visiting hours.  You must be an approved clergyman to visit during these hours.  In order to be approved, you must be an ordained clergyman, provide a letter (on church letterhead) from your church board, and a photo ID.  You must call in advance and set up appointments.  Clergy Visiting Hours: Thursday and Friday      8:30-10:30 am